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Beth Markko~Artist

Art has always been a part of my life. In high school, I took three years of Studio Art. While my children were growing up, projects of all sorts were regularly in the works. For twenty years I worked in both school and public libraries and found ways to be creative whenever I could.  I am fortunate enough to have art become my central focus! I began exploring the unique art form known as Encaustic. 



What is Encaustic?

The process uses heat to fuse layers of beeswax to create smooth or textured pieces. The medium is applied to a cradled birchboard panel. The beeswax may be used alone for its transparency or pigment may be added. The medium is melted and applied with a brush, or other tool, to the surface. Each layer is then reheated to fuse it to the previous layer. A variety of materials can be encased or collaged into the piece, using the encaustic medium to adhere them to the surface. As each piece evolves, it's fun to watch the way the wax cools along the edges, creating a sometimes uneven and interesting look. I have enjoyed experimenting with oil paint, paper and found objects in my pieces.  

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